Southampton RA IT Update

Hi All

I've been busy making some more updates to making your SRA online experience even more informative.

There's a few new features including:

  • You'll notice when you sign up for a membership you will receive a confirmation email.
  • I want you to be able to track the journey of your membership being processed, once your membership has been processed you will also receive an email.
  • Some changes to the compression of images to make the website a lot quicker to load.
  • Your committee now have a plethora of tools to enable them to keep you updated all the time, things such as news/photos/emails will now be performed by the committee making use of SRA online.
  • Your committee now have a way of managing members in the system, this means that your data is kept safe and secure and complied to GDPR.

That's just a small sample of what's been going on lately, I will try and keep you updated as I add more features. There's some really big features coming out in the coming months. My plan is to publish a road map of all the new features that are coming soon. If anyone has anything they'd like to be included feel free to drop me an email at

Many Thanks

Andrew Misselbrook

Published by Andrew Misselbrook (Web/App Developer) on 31-10-2019

February 21st Meeting

The monthly meeting on 21st February 2019 will now be held in The Terry Paine Suite in the main stadium. Access via reception. Park as normal.

Published by Andrew Misselbrook (Web/App Developer) on 05-02-2019

Southampton RA iOS 8.0 Update

The new Southampton RA iOS 8.0 Update is here, featuring a slick new UI, interactive map and a more defined user experience that allows your committee to update the website and the app will update too.

Published by Andrew Misselbrook (Web/App Developer) on 14-11-2018